Trump as a Russian Tool

Trump Has Been a Tool for Russian Organized Crime For Decades


In January 2018, one of the most respected members of the Daily Kos community, Ian Douglas Rushlau, published a series of essays documenting how Donald Trump has been a stooge of Russian organized crime for decades. Unlike in many other countries, Russia's organized crime structure is deeply and inextricably intertwined with Russia's federal government, making Russia an effective kleptocracy. Rushlau has written a series of insightful, well-researched essays documenting that. He has given me permission to reprint them here, formatted for this site. You are also welcome to read them in their original form on the Kos site; links are provided on each page.

Ian has graciously agreed to have them republished here. He also recommends The Moscow Project for further investigation.

Trump as Russian Tool Part One

Trump as Russian Tool Part One: An introduction.

Trump as Russian Tool Part Two

Trump as Russian Tool Part Two: The Kremlin connection.

Trump as Russian Tool Part Three

Trump as Russian Tool Part Three: The GOP and FBI are neck deep.