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If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin. – Samuel Adams

Note: Information is coming so fast on the Trump-Russia connections that it's impossible for me, or a dozen me's, to keep up! Let me know if you want to contribute content. Contact links for Twitter and email are below. Thanks!

Every couple of generations we as a people are tested. This is our time. This is our challenge. It is up to us to stand up and defend the heritage of freedom and tolerance that we were entrusted with. It is up to us to preserve a nation worth passing down to the generations that follow us. – "Quaoar"

June 2017: Given the breakneck speed of the revelations about Trump, Russia and the collusion between the two, I've decided to continue covering this in as much detail as I have, but with a different end in sight: to create a "hyperbook" that documents everything in a readable ebook and connects heavily to the site for reference and in-depth exploration of the information cited in the book. What do you think? Contact me to weigh in. Want to stay secure? I use the highly secure ProtonMail for this site's email needs.


If you believe the entire US intelligence community and a plethora of private security experts, you know that in 2016, Russia, at Vladimir Putin's behest, conducted a massive and quite successful intelligence operation designed to promote the presidential campaign of Republican candidate Donald Trump and damage the campaign of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. If you believe the powerful compendium of evidence compiled by mainstream media outlets, citizen journalists and bloggers, you hold that Trump, his campaign officials, and other associates worked alongside Russian operatives to undermine not just the Clinton campaign, but the entire fabric of our voting system and the entire structure of our representative democracy. Putin and his intelligence apparatus conducted a successful cyberwarfare and propaganda campaign that undermined the most sacred instrument of our democracy, our electoral process. And Trump and his campaign officials were active, knowing members of that campaign.

Regardless of how high or how little regard in which you held the Clinton campaign, if you've read this far, you believe that the Trump administration is the most serious threat to American democracy since the attempt of the "Confederate states" to secede from the rest of the nation. This site will document just how deep and extensive the efforts to undermine our democracy went during the campaign and how they continue into the days of the Trump administration.

Many elements of the mainstream American media are working overtime to "normalize" the Trump administration, just as it did in November/December 2000, after the Bush campaign committed election fraud to steal Florida's electoral vote – a theft made "legitimate" by the Republican majority of the Supreme Court. Republican lawmakers are joining in Trump's complicity with Russia, most eagerly, a few more reluctantly. Any resistance mounted by Democratic lawmakers is isolated, intermittent, unorganized, and largely ineffective. Too many elected Democrats are working to "build bridges" with the Trump administration and the GOP Congressional majorities. We are all suffering because of these decisions.

The media will not save us. Democratic officials will not save us. "Good" Republicans will not save us. We must save ourselves.

We do this by first putting together a reliable narrative of events that led up to the Trump victory in November. Others are engaging in attempts to determine what actions were taken and what mistakes were made by the Clinton and Sanders campaigns, the Democratic Party power structure, the mainstream media, and other involved parties that led to Clinton's unprecedented and barely anticipated loss. Some of those engaged in the various analyses of this aspect of the election have their own axes to grind, while others are more non-partisan – they don't care as much if the determination helps or harms Clinton's or Sanders's public perception or validity as much as it gives an honest portrayal of what happened to allow Trump to claim the White House. I am not involved in those efforts. I'm focusing on this one issue, or "schema" of interrelated events and issues. That gives us the ability to make factual claims as to how Russia manipulated the elections and how the Trump campaign colluded with Russian agents to use the Russian manipulations to its benefit. We can defend those claims by citing scores of reliable sources and pointing to how the disparate bits of information provided by those sources come together to depict a coherent whole. This is what happened, we can state, and we can prove it.

Information is power. Information fuels activism.

Become informed using the contents of this site, and use that information to become a more active and effective resister to the Trump/Putin autocracy.

How It Works

We experience information in an endless barrage of discontinuous "chunks," often disassociated from one another – think of reading Facebook where in two minutes you may read (or skim) a story about Trump's political machinations, view a video of a cat chasing a toy, and see a meme about a favorite movie or television series. We are literally "surfing" over the surface of an ocean of content, rarely taking a "deep dive" into any story or analysis of any kind.

The model I'm employing counters that trend without forcing the user to read lengthy, dry expositions on any particular topic. It also overcomes the inherent issue of "source bias," not by trying to use only the few sources that I, or you, or someone else might consider "reliable." Instead, this site goes the other direction, using any and all sources that pertain to examination of the issues (excluding, of course, the worst of the "conspiracy sites" like InfoWars, "fake news" sites such as the plethora of "com.co" outlets that pretend to be ABC News or other mainstream media outlets, sensationalistic supermarket tabloids, and the like). Everything contained in this site can be directly traced to a source that is linked within the individual entry, allowing the user to determine for her- or himself whether they consider the source worth believing. It's a form of "crowdsourcing," which in this instance involves the "crowd" of mainstream and alternative news providers, independent bloggers, and the like. Not sure if you believe a particular post? Check the sources, they're all linked at the end of the piece, and form your own judgment. This "mashup" of individual entries from multiple sources, I believe, combats the tendency towards bias from individual sources.

The site is constructed of chronologically arranged "entries" or "posts," each focusing on a single event – an action taken, a statement made, an editorial published. Whenever possible, each entry is composed of information from multiple sources. This is especially important with actions taken or claims made by public figures such as a political party, a presidential candidate, a prominent public official, or an expert on one or another issue. Take any entry with three or more sources and examine the source material used. If I've done my job, the information from those multiple sources should coalesce into a coherent whole that tells a straightforward story of what actually happened with the individual event.

Matt Kiser of WhatTheFuckJustHappenedToday may have explained what I do better than I have. What I'm quoting from him is pretty descriptive of what I do:

This is, strictly speaking, the news through my lens and not a professional act of journalism – nothing here is my original reporting – however, it is an act of journalism in and of itself – I'm making editorial decisions, crafting and curating the content selection. You won't find "fair and balanced" objective coverage. What you will find, however, is an independent voice, personal accountability, and a consideration for how the editorial choices I make impact others.

I do attempt to use a wide array of sources, liberal, conservative, mainstream, alternative, and the like. Kiser doesn't provide "fair and balanced," "objective" coverage. Neither do I. Pro tip: neither does any news source.

Your Involvement

Right now I'm doing this as a solo project. I will not ask for money or other direct financial compensation – I see it as a public service, a duty, a "mitzvah" if you will. I'm not heavily engaged in public activism; you won't usually see me at rallies and the like, though I strongly support all peaceful activism against this "administration." This is my way of contributing to the Resistance. You'll see no "Donate!" buttons on this site.

Can you help? Hell, yes! You can write for the site, producing content to be included. You can share the site far and wide on your social media platforms and with your activist groups. You can use the site for whatever use you can find for it.

There's so much more to be done with this topic, and new information is appearing on a regular basis. I'd love your assistance, if you're interested.

Thank you. Whether you're involved in this project as a user or a contributor, I appreciate your involvement.


Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance. – Robert Kennedy

Acknowledgements and Kudos

Tremendous support for this site is provided by a coder and developer named Nancy. She isn't quite ready to go public yet, but she deserves a shout out. Thank you, Nancy.

I'm beginning to write, on an intermittent basis, for The Trump Impeachment. Thanks to the site management for allowing me the platform, and to share my work with their readers.

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